NIPA as a Training, Research and Consultancy institution; it is centrally located and has unique attractions. It has an excellent value proposition as a location for education investment. It is located right in the heart of the Central Business District of Lusaka; on Plot Number 4810, Dushambe Road, P.O Box 31990, Lusaka, Zambia and has been described as the new frontier of professional opportunity and excellence.

NIPA plays a major role in provision of both professional development programmes and academic programmes to both the Civil Service and the private sector. NIPA revisited its initial mandate of providing staff training programmes for government employees only.Programmes have been broadened to suit the current job requirements for those who are already employed and the fresh graduates. NIPA’s broadened target market now includes the youth who have completed their Secondary Education. So far, we have a bi-annual population of 4,300 students. NIPA has mainstreamed entrepreneurship into its programmes to move the youths from being dependant on formal employment. NIPA realises that entrepreneurship has a multiplier effect on society and the economy, and is in this regard also working on establishing linkages with youth empowerment programmes established by Government.