Management Studies Division


Management Studies Division (MSD) at the National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) consists of four Sections/Departments; General Management, Communication, Legal and Public Sector and Local Government Administration. Each of these Sections/Departments contributes to Teaching, Research and Consultancy in the Institute.

NIPA’s mission is ‘to contribute to the growth and development of the clientele through continuous performance improvement, efficient and effective delivery of goods and services by the Institute providing innovative, market-driven management and business training, research and consultancy services’. Training, Research and Consultancy are at the core of NIPA’s mission statement and we take that very seriously. Excellence in training, research and consultancy are the key elements of the Division’s staff roles. The Division consists of almost 22 academics working in training, research and consultancy. The Division offers full-time taught certificate, diploma and degree programmes.


The Division offers the following full-time taught certificate, diploma and degree programmes:




1. Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration (BAPA) 8 semesters
2. Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management (BAHRM) 8 semesters
3. Bachelor of Laws (LLB) 8 semesters
4. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PDM) 2 semesters
5 Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management (PDPM) 2 semesters
6. Post Graduate Diploma in Project Appraisal and Economic Management (PAEM) 2 semesters
7. Diploma in Management Studies (DMS) 3 semesters
8. Diploma in Project Management (DPM) 2 semesters
9. Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM) 3 semesters
10. Diploma in Law (DIL) 3 semesters
11. Diploma in Human Rights (DHR) 3 semesters
12. Diploma in Public Administration (DPA) 3 semesters
13. Diploma in Gender Studies (DGS) 3 semesters
14. Diploma in Social Work (DSW) 3 semesters
15. Diploma in Public Relation (DPR) 3 semesters
16. Diploma in Records Management (DRM) 3 semesters
17. Certificate in Management Studies 1 semester
18. Certificate in Human Resource Management (CHRM) 1 semester
19. Certificate in Records Management (CRM) 1 semester
20. Advanced Certificate in Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (ACPME) 3 months
21. Certificate in Prosecutions (CIP) 1 semester
22. Certificate in Law (CIL) 1 semester



To qualify for any of the long term training programmes and courses that NIPA offers, the applicant must be a holder of a full grade twelve (12) certificate with minimum five credits or better including English. Serving officers will be required to have at least three credits of better (including English) at grade 12 or form five (5) certificate plus a certificate in a related field. However, the minimum entry requirement for post graduate diploma programmes is full grade twelve 12) certificate with minimum five credits or better including English plus first degree from an accredited institution.


We will provide a list of workshops, seminars and events undertaken by the Division once it is agreed upon.



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Our graduates have an excellent track record of employment in both public and private sectors. The graduates go into career areas directly reflecting the skills they have gained through their chosen study programmes.