This is a Division that coordinates the internal and external research and consultancy portfolio of the Institute. RCDD focuses on cocoordinating and providing leadership in terms of tailor made Management or Business Development related Training; as well as internal or external SocioEconomic Research and Consultancy services. This is usually upon request or where need has been identified. Normally the external research and consultancies are tailor made upon request from clients.
Consultancy services are offered in various areas including applied social and economic research, management and organization development, human rights and governance, training needs assessments, strategic planning and project management.
Over the years, the Institute has built a strong record of working with both internal and external consultants in executing diverse management or business training, socioeconomic research and consultancy assignments.

The Institute through RCDD offers the following training services:

 Financial Management
Public Management
Social Welfare Policy Research
Child Welfare
Applied SocioEconomic Research
Legal Reforms
Decentralization and Local Governance
Ethical Management
Public Service Code of Conduct
Strategic Leadership and Management
Strategic Planning
Project/Programme Planning, Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation
Organisational Review
Job Evaluation
Training of Trainers (TOT)
Training Needs Assessment (TNA) and related others


The following are some of the assignments that have been undertaken by the
Division in the past  years:

CHAZ; Malaria impact study  2012
Children in Need; Evaluation of their child rights programmes – 2011
ZPCT II Capacity Building for Provincial and District Medical Office Personnel – 2011 and 2012. The Training Modules included

  • Human Resurce Management
  • Financial Management
  • Planning Skills

Ministry f Hme Affairs; Gender Based Vilence training fr Heads f Plice statins  2011.
CHAZ; Leadership and Supervisry Skills training fr Hspital Administratrs – 2011.
Cnducted a cmprehensive evaluatin f Chalimbana Teachers Cllege 2010 – 2011
Capacity building f Church Assciatin f Zambia (CHAZ) fr hspital administratrs, 2010.
MidTerm Evaluatin f Discare  2011
UNICEF; Cnducted a data scping exercise n Child Rights Prtectin with a view f develping training materials. – 2011
Speech and Reprt writing training fr newly recruited management develpment divisin (MDD) fficers.  2010
Recrds Management Wrkshp fr Registry Staff in the Ministry f Justice.  2010
Ministry f Educatin (ME); Cmprehensive Review f the frmula fr allcating (financial) resurces t Prvinces, District Educatin Bards, Universities, Clleges and High Schls. 2009 t 2010.
Zambia Public Prcurement Authrity (ZPPA); Cnducted a ‘Training f Trainers Wrkshp.  2010
Natinal Assembly; Cnducted a ‘Human Resurce and Prject Management Wrkshp’ fr Staff  2009
Wrkshp n Effective Management f Parliamentary Cmmittee Meetings 2009
Negtiatin Skills Wrkshp fr the GRZ Negtiating Team  2009
Cllective Bargaining and Negtiatin Skills Wrkshp fr Private and Public Sectr Stakehlders (cnducted in partnership with the Capacity Building fr Private Sectr Develpment in the Ministry f Cmmerce, Trade and Industry)  2009