NIPA Joins Prestigious AAU


The National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) has expressed elation at joining the prestigious higher education community, Association of African Universities (AAU). The membership was effected on 28th July 2020.

NIPA members of staff welcomed the news of the membership to AAU as they will benefit from various opportunities available in the higher education community across Africa.

AAU, with its headquarters in Accra, Ghana, is a prestigious network that provides a continental platform for its member universities to meet, network, share knowledge, share experiences, broker partnerships and collaborate with each other in a diversity of areas related to their areas of specialization, research interests, teaching, and learning.

The AAU public space has many benefits for member universities such as:

  • Access to publicity through the AAU Television: Visibility and audibility of NIPA on the AAU live television. Platform. NIPA can send its advertisements and other videos of research interest to the AAU live television for broadcasting;
  • Collaborations by specialization areas/research interests;
  • Research Outputs Visibility through the Database of African Theses and Dissertations (DATAD);
  • Opportunity to participate in discounted training programs.
  • Listing in the AAU directory of African Higher Education Institutions and Staff, and opportunities to apply for various institutional grants and participate in various continental initiatives.

It is hoped that this strategic partnership will be one of the reliable gateways for NIPA to realize its purpose and mandate i.e. to be acknowledged nationally and internationally as an Institute of choice.

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