Management Studies Division Programmes

Under the Management Studies Division Your Institute of Choice Offers the following Programmes:

  1. Masters of Public Administration
  2. Masters of International Relations & Diplomacy
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in General Management

Undergraduate – Degree Programmes

  1. Bachelor of Public Administration
  2. Bachelor of Human Resource Management
  3. Bachelor of Public Relations
  4. Bachelor of Records and Archives Management
  5. Bachelor of Social Work
  6. Bachelor of Development Studies
  7. Bachelor of International Relations & Diplomacy

Undergraduate – Diploma Programmes

  1. Diploma in Public Administration
  2. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  3. Diploma in Health Services Management
  4. Diploma in Records Management
  5. Diploma in Public Relations
  6. Diploma in Management Studies
  7. Diploma in Social Work
  8. Diploma in Project Management
  9. Diploma in Gender Studies

Undergraduate – Certificate Programmes

  1. Certificate in Management Studies
  2. Certificate in Human Resource Management
  3. Certificate in Records Management
  4. Certificate in Monitoring & Evaluation
  5. Certificate in Project Management
  6. Advanced Certificate in Project Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation.
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